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ZAP (2.1M Colour) Controller

Product Code: ZAP-H

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Designed & Manufactured in the U.K

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Product Description

The ZAP is a compact handheld controller with some very power features. It provides the means to control one or more of our RGB (Colour Changing) light sources such as the RGB LED Tape, CoolFusion, Matrix, 3w Spotlights, RGB Modules etc.

The Controller is capable of generating a number of automated lighting programs (below) as well as providing direct manual control of the colours displayed. It can also be used in conjunction with any other ICELED controller such as the UFO and ZEN.

Using just two buttons you can easily dial-up any static colour, produce a phasing colour sweep, colour change to music beat (using the built-in microphone) or create a strobe effect that has a variable flash-rate and also responds to sound.

The Flexi Driver+ will remember the last setting allowing the power to be switched on or off from a light switch. Any setting such as static blue or a colour scan will resume when the power is switched on.

A full guide is included or can be downloaded below.

Product Specification

Each mode has a number of variable parameters e.g. colour, speed etc. These are all adjustable and stored in non-volatile memory so the last setting resumes when the power is switched on.

ModesAll operations use a simple two-button interface. There are five modes in total
Standby / BypassEffectively turns off light-sources by blacking them out or passes through external Data if present
Static ColourProvides fine-tuning of any particular hue or shade of colour - 2.1 million in total
Phasing ColourAutomatically creates smooth sweeps through a selected colour range
Beat to ColourSequences random colours in time with an audio beat, with adjustable fade-out
StrobeProduces maximum intensity flashes in time with an audio beat or from an adjustable time base

If you need more control than this then ZEN or DMX 512 Bridge should be used.

Nominal Supply Voltage12 volts DC
Standby Current Drain0.01 Amps
Voltage Range10 - 16 Volts DC
Maximum Load Current3 Amps
Audio Sensitivity54dB - 102dB
Data InputZEN
DMX 512 via the DMX Bridge
Colour Range2,097152 Colours. 7 Bit 128 Levels
ProtectionsReverse polarity & over-voltage
Dimensions of ZAP Box50mm x 30mm x 25mm (excluding mounting flanges)
Dimensions of ZAP Handheld controller57mm x 36mm x 15mm

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