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Constant Current RGB LED Strip (24vdc) (60 LEDs/M)

Product Code: C/C-RGB60LED-S(24v)

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Product Description

Our Litewave® Professional RGB LED Strip trademarked, uses on-board Constant Current to protect the 60 LEDs per Meter. The LEDs are tightly packed with a gap if just 16mm between LEDs.

This Strip is usually used when an extremely bright effect is necessary or for use in a profile with a depth of at least 15mm to create a seamless light without any dots. Use with our Profiles towards the bottom of the page for Neon look lighting.

Capable of displaying any visible colour including cool whites & warm whites

The LED Strip is 24vdc to allow long runs with minimal voltage drop.

Constant Current RGB (Colour Changeable) LED Strip has transistors on the circuit board regulating the current and voltage to every LED for each of the 3 primary colours; Red, Green, and Blue. This ensures maximum operating brightness and a lifetime in excess of 50,000 hours.

Many online retailers make wild claims of up to 100,000 hours, this is highly unlikely without a significant decrease in brightness or failed LED Emitters unless Transistorised Electronics are used.

An additional 130 Components per Meter are used to protect each of the 3 emitters within every LED.


  • Uniform colour and brightness
  • Longer distances between Colour Drivers and Controllers without the small voltage drop affecting the brightness and colour
  • Reliable
  • Long Lifetime

Capable of displaying any colour including white and warm whites when used with one of our colour controllers below.

This is proven technology and we have already been supplying it to our installers for several years.

Each length includes a 1M flying lead for easy connection to a colour controller.

Our Professional Constant Current Strip has the Constant Current Ciruitry built into the circuit with the LEDs, so it can be supplied with 24vdc from any constant voltage Transformer.

You will also need a Power Supply, shown below.

Should you require LED Strips pre-made to fit to your kitchen, roof lights, alcoves or coving, we can supply a system made to your exact requirements, with wires pre-fitted saving you time & money. Corners and room size are no problem Free Quote

Product Specification

Working Voltage Range24vdc
LED Type5050 SMD Triple Chip
LED Brandepistar with PLC Completion
Brightness per Metre~700Lm (Displaying White)
Current per Meter700mA
Light Dispersion120-140 °
Power Draw per Meter16.8 Watts
Width of LED Strip12mm
Depth of LED Strip2.2mm
Lengths available1 - 5M
Expected Lifetime>50,000 hours
LEDs per Meter60
LED Spacing16.6mm
Cutting Points100mm
CertificationsCE, RoHS
IP RatingNone
Warranty6 Years

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  Colour Controller Price  
LightBox Smartphone RGB LED Controller
This will allow you to control the Strip using a suitable Smartphone or Tablet. No other additional controllers are required just a Power Supply. The App can be downloaded for free.
Quantity :
Wi-Fi Lightbox Colour Controller (v3)
Control the Strip by Smartphone or Tablet from anywhere in the world.
Quantity :
Flexi Driver (2.1M Colour Driver)
This will provide basic 90 second colour sweeping and can be frozen on a colour by switching off for a few seconds and then back on.
Quantity :
Flexi Driver+ (2.1 Million Colour Driver)
This is similar to the Flexidriver but has A and B memory settings and adjustable speed control and fine tuneable colours, with energy saving auto dimming and sound to light response.
Quantity :
Ampbox for use with Lightbox (v3/v4)
For running additional LED Strip from a colour single controller
Quantity :
  Power Supplies Price  
6.25A Switchmode 24vdc (150w) (Waterproof) Power Supply
Can be plugged into a wall socket or wired to a light switch, this PSU can power upto 9 Metres of our 60 LED/M Strip
Quantity :
Meanwell 8.33A 24vdc (200w) (Waterproof) Power Supply
No plug, for wiring to a light switch. This PSU can power upto 10 Metres of our 60 LED/M Strip

24vdc 2.5A (60w) Waterproof (IP67) Power Supply
No plug, for wiring to a light switch. This PSU can power upto 3 Metres of our 60 LED/M Strip
Quantity :
24vdc 10A (240w) Meanwell Power Supply
No plug, for wiring to a light switch. This PSU can power upto 12.5 Metres of our 60 LED/M Strip
Quantity :
24vdc 1A (24w) Waterproof (IP67) Power Supply
No plug, for wiring to a light switch. This PSU can power upto 1 Metre of our 60 LED/M Strip
Quantity :
12vdc 5A (60w) Waterproof (IP67) Power Supply
No plug, for wiring to a light switch. This PSU can power upto 3 Metres of our 60 LED/M Strip
Quantity :