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Flexi Driver+ (2.1 Million Colour Driver)

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Designed & Manufactured in the U.K

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Product Description

The Flexi Driver+ is the same as the Flexidriver but it has additional hardware built in allowing memory settings and speed control without needing to buy a ZAP or ZEN Controller.

It has been developed for customers wanting to control our RGB Light sources such as the LED Light Strips or RGB LED Tape.

The built-in 2.1mm DC Socket makes power connection fast and simple with one of our Power Supplies.

There are 2 Rocker Switches, one sets the program to either A or B to determine the way the LEDs are illuminated, the other switch is for selecting the Mode, there are 5 Modes available:

1. Brightness
2. Saturation (whiteness)
3. Hue (colour)
4. Colour scroll
5. Sound to Light

Briefly press the switch to cycle through each of the modes.

Each of the modes has a unique flash pattern on the status LED to identify it from all the other modes.

To adjust the setting for the mode the button is pressed and held. For example when in Brightness Mode the brightness can be alternately increased or decreased by each long press of the switch.

The Status LED will indicate when the limits of any particular setting have been reached.

The Flexi Driver+ will remember the last setting allowing the power to be switched on or off from a light switch. Any setting such as static blue or a colour scan will resume when the power is switched on.


  • Independent Hue, Saturation and Brightness adjustment
  • Smooth colour scroll with adjustable speed
  • Sound reactive Hue/Brightness with adjustable response
  • Automatic fade up/down with adjustable Brightness for power saving
  • Two Program stores for instant recall of all mode settings

Adjustable Audio Sensitivity via recessed dial

Capable of running up to 180 Watts of LED Lighting from the appropriate power supply. For example with a 12.5A Power Supply you can easily run 23 Meters of RGB LED Tape.

The Flexi Driver+ can also be used as a Colour Driver with the ZEN, ZAP, and DMX Controllers by setting the Program Switch to Off.

The Flexidriver will run from 12v or 24vdc

A full guide is included or can be downloaded below.

Product Specification

Nominal Supply Voltage12~24 Volts DC (Via 2.1mm DC Jack, centre +Ve)
Maximum Switched Current5 Amps (per channel)
Maximum "through" current15 Amps
Maximum Load180 watts @ 12vdc
Data acceptedZEN Controller
ZAP Controller
DMX via ICELED DMX Bridge below
Colours2,097152. 7 Bit 128 Levels
Dimensions of Flexi DriverL 50mm, W 50mm, H 15mm
ConformityCE. EMC Directive (2004/108/EEC)

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