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How our LED Downlights are constructed

Wed, 10 Apr 2013

Unlilke lower end LED Downlights which use mutiple separate LEDs our Downlights are fitted with a single Multi-Chip LED Array or Chip-On-Board technology as it is otherwise known.   Multi-Chip LEDs have multiple LED Emitters contained on a single copper / aluminium substrate producing a single point of light resembling halogen and incandescent bulbs.

The light from all of LED Downlights is very impressive in terms of brightness and rendering, some of our customers have commented on how much brighter they are than the LED Lights they have seen installed elsewhere.

The photos below show one of our 18 Watt Recessed Downlights disassembled into it's constituent parts.

Complete 18 Watt LED Downlight with retaining clips.

Multi-Chip LED Array containing 18 LED Emitters.  The LED Chip is replaceable.

LED Fitted onto a Radial Aluminium Heatsink.
An 18w Recessed LED Downlight Multi-Chip LED Array or Chip-On-Board as otherwise known. Multi-Chip-LED fitted onto the Alumnium Heat Sink
The Parts of the 18w Downlights consist of an Extruded Aluminium Heatsink, Parabolic Reflector, Opaque Glass Lens, and Flanged Fascia with Gimble. The Gimble allows the light to be directed where required. The Parabolic Reflector focuses the light at a specific angle such as 60 or 90 degrees.  The higher the degrees the greater the flood of light  will bebut this will be at less intensity than a narrower focus.
Components of an 18w LED Downlight LED Downlight Gimble Parabolic LED Reflector
The Heatsink is of a radial design, the black wire connects to the In-Line Driver (Transformer). Side Profile of the LED Heatsink. The Tuning Fork Style of the Heatsink provides more surface area.  The more surface area the better the heat dissipation, this is important because too much heat will greatly shorten the lifetime of an LED.
Radial LED Heat Sink Radial LED Heatsink LED Heatsink Tuning Fork Design