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(1) Single Colour LED Tape - Splashproof

Cornice lighting

White and Warm White LED Tape

Blue LED Tape

Green LED Tape

Red LED Tape

Pink LED Tape

LED Tape is very flexible


LED Tape used to edge light a Glass Shelf

Side profile of RGB LED Tape

Kitchen Worksurface illuminated with LED Tape

Warm White LED Tape used to light cabinets

Flexible Splashproof LED Tape - ideal for use in the home or shop displays

Flexible LED Tape is one of the most streamline and versatile LED Light sources currently available. A multi-purpose splashproof product with many uses.

The LED Strip is encapsulated with a flexible Silicone making it durable, splashproof and easy to clean.

It is suited for use in humid or wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where it will get exposed to moisture.  It will not split or crack.

LED Tape is very durable

Safe low voltage - 12vdc, very energy efficient just 6-7 watts per Meter.
LED Tape is ideal for a multitude of purposes where fluorescent or halogen lights would be too bulky and consume too much power.

Below: A customer's kitchen fitted with Warm White LED Tape, click to see more pics.

Warm White LED Tape used to light under plinths of kitchen cabinets

Below: LED Tape highlights architraves in a reception area

LED Tape used to brighten up a reception area

The Tape is extremely thin with a depth of just 4.5mm. It has a 3M self-adhesive backing so is easily applied to most smooth surfaces by simply removing the backing paper. Additional Silicone Clips are included for extra holding.

The picture below shows how thin the LED Tape actually is.
LED Tape is only 4.5mm deep

The LEDs produce a wide 140 degree glow which gives a reflected glow similar to that of neon from nearby surfaces and objects. There are not dots or hotspots of light given by the LEDs.

It is finished to a high standard, it can be easily cleaned with damp tissue.

Ideal for:

Lighting architraves

Plinth lighting

Lighting Worksurfaces

Retail and Display

Shelf lighting

Lighting cabinets

Behind glassware

Edge Lit Glass shelves

Backlighting TVs

Corridor lighting

Contour lighting

Home Cinema lighting

Safe low voltage - 12vdc, very energy efficient just 7.2 watts per Metre.

The Tape can be cut or joined, connections and cutting points are at 3 LED (100mm) intervals.

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We have been selling LED Tape since 2007 and have stocked a variety of different types and brightnesses.

In 2007 the LEDs on the Light Strip only had a single emitter for each LED so produced less light than our current Triple Emitter version. Back then the Flexible Light Strip was housed in a hollow square profiled Silicone Tube.

The LED Light Strip is now double encapsulated. First the strip is completely encased in a flexible resin on the front back and sides, then a Silicone Tube is extruded around that. This makes the final LED Tape extremely rugged and hard wearing. Any water or moisture that penetrates the outer Silicone Tube is not going to be able to get past the protective resin seal.