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Aluminium Profiles for LED Light Strips

Wed, 14 May 2014

Our latest edition to compliment our wide of LED Strips is our Aluminium Profiles. They facilitate the use of LED Strip where it would otherwise look out of place or even have an amateur DIY appearance. They also allow the LED Strip to be used in places such as in flooring and tiles.

The Aluminium Profiles provide a factory fitted finish to cabinets, and a very up-market appearance when installed in tiles, or around walls in the case of our wall uplighter.

Currently we have 5 Different Profiles available:

  • Wall Uplighter - for creating colour washes up or down walls for that Odeon look in the home
  • Surface Mount - a rounded profile, a must for a quality installation under wall cabinets for illuminating work surfaces
  • Routed Channel - similar to above but this gives a flush appearance, also very well suited to lighting stringers on staircases
  • Corner Mount - perfect for display lighting or use in cabinets
  • Recess Fit - a previously mentioned this is ideal for setting into tiles in tiled walls or floors.

The profiles are anodised to give a high quality finish that will not oxidise over time. Included with every profile is a Polycarbonate lens to seal against dust and water (where applicable), end caps, and clips. The Lens is transparent for maximum light transmission except for the Tile Profile which has a milky cover so it will fit with most tile colours.

Aluminium LED Profile for fitting between tiles Aluminium LED Profile for fitting into a routed groove

Either Single Colour or our Multi-Million Colour RGB LED Strip can be used in any of the profiles. The Profiles are easy to install, they can be mitred for installation around external and internal corners.

We will soon be adding more profile types for use in other locations such as shelf edge lighting and in showers and wet rooms.