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LED Mood Lights used in stepping stones and garden lounge

Thu, 02 May 2013

LED Mood Lighting installation

One of our customers kindly emailed us the pictures below of the Colour Changeable LED Plinth Lights he recently installed in stepping stones leading along the garden to his garden lounge and bar area.

LED PLinth Lights set into stepping stones

LED Plinth Lights set into stepping stones

LED Plinth Lights used in bar area

LEDs used in Bar

Pictures courtesy of Russel T.

Single Colour LED Plinth Lights are also available in; White, Warm White (a soft creamy coloured white), and Blue. 

The colours can be allowed to gradually change through the 2 Million Colours by using the Flexi (2.1 Million) Coluor Driver.  A colour can be frozen by simply switching the power off for a second and then back on.

For more control a ZAP (wired) Controller or ZEN (Wireless Infra-Red) Controller can be used.  These have speed control as well as music to light response.