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LED Tape installed in a customer's kitchen

Tue, 30 Apr 2013

LED Tape used to light Kitchen Plinths / Kick Boards


Our Single Colour Splashproof LED Tape used for under cabinet lighting. The customer purchased Warm White, this was a special order with the LEDs on a black circuit board to match with the cabinets.

Piano Black Kitchen Cabinets with Warm White LED Tape used to light floor below plinths

LED Tape is usually fitted facing down but the customer chose to fit it facing outwards. This will give less of a concentrated glow on the floor below but will throw the light further across the floor.

The Tape shown is version 3.  Our current Version 4 is now encapsulated is double encapsulated with Resin and Silicone over the top.

LED Tape close up

The LED Tape is on full brightness.  This can be controlled by using a Dimmer.

Both sides of the kitchen are illuminated with LED Tape, this can be done with wiring both sides to a single 12vdc Power Supply which will need a twin 12v supply cable going to both sides of the kitchen from the output of the Power Supply.  Alternatively 2 separate Power Supplies can be used, 1 for each side of the kitchen.
LED Tape fitted both side of kitchen
Left cabinet plinths illuminated with LED Tape
Halo effect from LED Tape