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New Super Bright RGB Constant Current LED Strip

Mon, 25 Sep 2017

For most installations our 30 LED per Metre RGB LED Strip is more than suitable, but when an even brighter light is a requirement we have Branded Constant Current RGB LED Strip with 60 LED/s per Metre.

This has the additional benefit of creating a Neon, Dot-Free look when used in our deeper profiles.

Most LED Strips available on the market today are generic, no-name Strips with only resistors to protect the LEDs. This may be acceptable for periodic use but is not a good idea for use in the home where they will be used regularly.  With only basic electronics it can begin to fail early, which will involve replacing the Strip in as little as several months or just a few years.

Our Constant Current Strip is designed with built-in voltage and current regulation by using additional electronic components. This ensures the LEDs will last 50,000 hours or more.  Without this protection you can get patches of different colours along the LED Strip where the LEDs have lost one of their colour elements, for single colour Strip it results in the brightness beginning to fade in as little as 1000 hours.