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Outdoor Fibre Optic Lighting Kits

Mon, 11 Jan 2016




Outdoor Fibre Optic Lighting Kits - designed for use in decking and patios

We have a superb Fibre Optic Lighting Kit which uses an LED Light Source called the CoolFusion Outdoor Projector to shine light down the ends of plastic optical fibers.  These fibres light up on the end like LEDs and look amazing in decking or patios and even around flower beds and shrubs to create the appearance of tiny lights resembling Fireflies.Fiber Optics used to light up decking in the evening

The Fibres look very similar to fishing line and are extremely versatile, they can be bent around corners, knotted, joined, or even bent at a right angle if heated first with a heat source such as a hot air gun.  The Fibres are supplied with a black protective wire-like coating which can be removed near the end of the Fibres by using automatic wire strippers leaving the transparent core, ideal for installations where the lights need to be virtually invisible when switched off.

This Fibre Optic system is designed and built in the U.K to high specifications. The harnesses we supply are also of very high quality and cannot be found cheaper anywhere in the U.K since we make virtually no profit on them.  This kit is exclusive to us and cannot be found anywhere else.

Advantages of our Fibre Optic system over standard LED Kits and Halogen Fibre Optic Kits

  • High Quality.  The Full Colour LED Light Engine is manufactured in the USA, the Projector has been designed and is assembled in the U.K using only high quality components. It is a proven design with many customers using the product around the world.
  • Maintenance free. There are no moving parts such as colour wheels, these are used to change the colour of the light in Halogen Fibre Optic Projectors and are notorious for making a noise or seizing up.  Our CoolFusion Projector is digital and electronically changes the colour levels of the 3 primary colours of the Light Engine producing over 2 Million different colours.
  • Long Lifetime.  The LED is correctly powered with current and voltage control, this ensures a lifetime in excess of 50,000 hours.  In fact we have had one of the first Projectors in a staircase running virtually 24 hours a day since July of 2006, it looks as good as the day it was first switched on and we still use it regularly for photos.
  • Very Bright.  We have compared this side-by-side with a Halogen 50 Watt Projector and the CoolFusion produces brighter light even though it is only drawing just under 7 watts of power.
  • Very low running cost.  Our system if left running every hour of the day on white (full power) will cost a mere 20 pence per week to run.  With the money saved in electricity and replacement lamps (compared to a Halogen Projector) our projector will have fully paid for itself in 3 years of use.
  • User friendly.  Fiber Optics are extremely easy to install, the only wires you need to connect are to the CoolFusion Projector itself from power supply and controller if used.
  • Up to 150 Lights from just 1 LED projector.  Each harness has 80 or 150 Tails depending on the one you choose, one end of each fibre emits light the other ends are combined together and connect in the the CoolFusion Fibre Optic Projector.
  • Weatherproof (IP65) Projector.  The LED Projector is housed in an Enamel Coated IP Rated (weatherproof) Enclosure designed for use on industrial machinery.  No costly additional cases or covers are required.
  • Very Durable. Fiber Optics are made of plastic and once installed under decking or in a patio are difficult to damage or break and because they are made of Polymer Fiber will not rust or corrode.
  • Interactive - Sound to light response.  If used with our ZEN or ZAP Controller (shown below) the Fibre Optics can respond to sounds or music, the ZEN Controller even allows you to directly plug in a feed from an MP3 Player or other sound source for accurate sound to light response a low levels.
  • DMX Controllable.  For those that want it we can supply a DMX Bridge which can work with any DMX Controller or even an Enttec ODE for control via Iphone/Ipad or Android Tablet or Phone.
  • Networkable.  The CoolFusion Projector can be linked via the ZEN to our other Mood Lighting products such as our Plinth Lights, RGB Spotlights etc.  Mutiplee CoolFusion Projectors with Fibre Optics can be controlled from the same remote control.

Networked CoolFusion Fibre Optic Projectors

We have put together a selection of Lighting Kits with different lengths of harnesses which will cater for virtually all types of installations.