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Splashproof (IP65) Recessed Ceiling / Down Lights

Fri, 31 Jan 2014

We have a new range of IP65 Splashproof Recessed LED Ceiling Lights for fitting into Zone 1 of ceilings in Bathrooms, Wetrooms, Shower Rooms etc.

Close up photo of IP65 LED Downlight

The new lights are available in 8 watt and 12 watt versions. The 8 Watt LED produces 782  Lumens which is equivalent to a 75 watt Halogen, and the 12w LED gives a staggering 1,123 Lumens which will easily outshine a 100w halogen.

The latest Chip-On-Board LEDs are used in these fittings, they should  certainlynot be confused with the majority of old technology LEDs being sold in shops in the highstreet and on the internet.  Chip-on-board (or COB LEDs) produce more light, and look virtually identical in light to Halogens. The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is also high (approx 80) in the LEDs resulting in a halogen-like light without the heat, or energy consumption. In fact these lamps use just a fraction of the electrical energy of their halogen counterparts.

Finished in a simple white design the lights should fit in with any style of room. These IP65 LED Downlights can be used in any room in the home including the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, shower room, wet-room, even in the porch or under soffits.

IP65 is the Ingress Protection rating, 6 is the maximum available to prevent dust and debris from entering the body of the lamp while the 5 refers to the protection against water from the shower.

Transformer for IP65 LED Downlight IP65 Splashproof LED Downlight for use in Wetrooms, shower rooms and kitchens


For zone 1 of a bathroom IP65 is essential to protect the lights and prevent risk of electric shock.  The electric shock is more applicable to the older type of Halogen downlights which are mains (240vAC) powered.  These LED Lights have an in-line transformer that produces a safe low voltage of no more than 24-30vdc and is compliant with European requirements.