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Colour Changeable LED Plinth and Floor Light (Waterproof IP67, 12vdc)

Product Code: RGBDSPL

£8.95 inc VAT (£7.46 ex VAT)

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Product Description

Our Litewave ® Stainless Steel LED Plinth & Floor Lights will provide attractive accent lighting in Floors & Skirting, Decking, Kitchen Plinths, and even Bath and Shower surrounds.

5 Year Warranty

  • Suitable for use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Low power
  • Does not get hot or project any heat or UV light
  • High Quality
  • Branded
  • 3 Year Warranty

This product is finished with a 304 Stainless Steel bezel (will not rust) and is waterproof to IP67 (submersible). The light is emitted through an frosted polycarbonate lens which gives a soft light rather than a blinding beam.

Unlike many cheap LED Plinth Lights available elsewhere these have built-in Constant Current Circuitry. This keeps the voltage and current to the LED at an optimum to reduce stress to the LED thus greatly extending it's lifetime.

Used on it's own it can display 7 Colours; White, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, and Cyan. Simply connect either the Red, Green or Blue wires to the power supply to get one of those colours, or a combination such as blue and green to get Cyan. For virtually unlimited colours we recommend using a colour controller.

If you connect it to our Flexi (2.1 Million) Colour Driver the colour range will be virtually unlimited with gradual smooth colour sweeps which can be frozen on any colour. We have additional controllers (see below) that allow them to be operated via wired remote (ZAP) or wireless remote (ZEN), these allow the power to be switched off, the lights will resume their last setting / colour when switched on again.

Alternatively you can control them from a Lightbox (Bluetooth), or WLightbox (Wi-Fi). With either of these a Flexidriver is not required. Both ofthese products allow full control of the colour, saturation, brightness, and speed of colour change from a smartphone or tablet using a freely downloadable app.

Connection guide for the Plinth Lights

Although they draw little power, they will provide a reflected glow from walls and ceilings, enough to see around the room.

Each Plinth light is pre-wired with 2 × 1 Meter cables each with opposite waterproof connectors allowing the lights to be daisy chained. This makes installation easy with only the first light in the chain needing to be connected to the Power Supply or the Flexi Driver.

You can have just one light in the installation or a chain of them displaying the same colours at the same time, if additional Flexi Drivers are used different Zones can be created for independent colours. They will work in conjunction with our other LED Mood Lighting Products for a complete lighting network, all controlled via one Remote Control.

A well built product at an affordable price.

We stock a 1 Meter Plug and Play extension cable for areas where you need to extend the cable between the lights (see related items below)

There are a choice of 3 Power Supplies, a Plug-top type for plugging directly into a mains socket or an In-Line type for Wiring to a Light Switch. The 1A PSU can run up to 14 Plinth Lights, and the 2A PSU can run up to 30 of them.

Product Specification

Max. Current34ma
LED Power0.4 Watts
Lifetime50,000 hours
Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
Lens Diameter32mm
Lens ClarityOpaque
Cut out Diameter32mm
Flange Diameter39.5mm
Body Length19.4mm
Recess Depth Required to fit LED18.5mm
Cable Length1M
Waterproof ConnectorsMale & Female on each cable
Housing Materials304 Stainless Steel & Polycarbonate
Max. Walk over weight100 KG
Warranty5 Years
CertificationsCE, RoHS

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  Colour Controller Price  
Wi-Fi Lightbox Colour Controller (v3)
Colour and brightness control from any Web enabled device over Wi-Fi, this device does not have to be linked to your Router. Capable of powering 200 x Plinth Lights directly with more connectable through the Ampbox.
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Flexi Driver (2.1M Colour Driver)
Gradual Colour changing over 90 seconds, lock any colour by switching off then back on
Quantity :
Flexi Driver+ (2.1 Million Colour Driver)
Has memory A & B Presets, can be set to staitc colour or colour change with control over speed, also has sound-to-light Mode.
Quantity :
  Power Supplies Price  
1A Switchmode In-Line 12vdc Power Supply, Free (5 Amp) DC Connector
This will power 1 - 13 Plinth Lights - The PSU can be plugged into a mains socket, or the plug can be removed and the lead connected to a fused light switch (Electrician Required).

LightBox Smartphone RGB LED Controller
For colour and brightness control of up to 133 Plinth Lights via a suitable Smartphone or Tablet, allows colour changing with speed control, static colour, brightness control etc. Free Downloadable App. Resumes last setting when switched on at power. No Flexidriver required with this product.
Quantity :
2A Switchmode Plug-top 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp)
Ideal for setting up a pre-wired system in a bathroom behind stud walling, best used in combination with the 1 Meter Extension Cables

12vdc 2A (24w) Waterproof (IP67) Power Supply
For connection to a lighting circuit. This will power to 1 - 26 Plinth Lights.(Electrician Required)
Quantity :
0.5A Switchmode In-line 12vdc Power Supply
A tiny Power supply capable of powering 1 - 7 Plinth Lights. It is so small it will fit through a downlight hole or light switch hole for ease of access. The unit has Mains (240vAC) Input and 12vdc Output terminals for hard wiring.

12vdc 8.33A (100w) Waterproof (IP67) Power Supply
For connection to a lighting circuit. This will power 1 - 118 Plinth Lights.(Electrician Required)
Quantity :
12vdc 5A (60w) Waterproof (IP67) Power Supply
For connection to a lighting circuit. This will power 1 - 75 Plinth Lights.(Electrician Required)
Quantity :
2A Switchmode In-Line 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp)
Can power 1 - 26 Plinth. The PSU can be plugged into a mains socket, or the plug can be removed and the lead connected to a fused light switch (Electrician Required).

12vdc 12.5A (150w) Waterproof (IP67) Power Supply
For connection to a lighting circuit. This will power 1 - 180 Plinth Lights.(Electrician Required)
Quantity :